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Testing Sites

The following organizations and schools work closely with the Project STAY Mobile Health Team.


East Side Community High School is a 7th-12th grade college preparatory that emphasizes personalized learning, extra-curricular opportunities, and a safe environment.

Facing History High School is a public school that strongly emphasizes personal advising, performance based assessment, team building, and inter-disciplinary learning.

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School aims to increase student intellectual development and social and political involvement in the community.

Frederick Douglass Academy V is a middle school that prepares students to attend the high school and college of their choice.

Gotham Professional Arts Academy is a college preparatory high school, focusing on students interested in arts and arts-related professions.

Harlem Renaissance High School gives students who have initially fallen behind in high school the opportunity to catch up to their peers, using a Diploma Plus school program.

Independence High School emphasizes personalized learning, guidance services, and an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Satellite Academy High School's four locations gives students the opportunity to learn in a small, personalized student-centered community environment.

Urban Assembly School for Performing Arts is a college preparatory high school that heavily incorporates a performing arts education.

Alternatives to Incarceration

The Andrew Glover Youth Program serves as an alternative to incarceration for at-risk youth and young offenders, providing rehabilitation, counseling, advocacy, and education.

The Center for Community Alternatives serves as an incarceration alternative for both adult and youth offenders, providing personal, advocacy-oriented plans and services for each individual.

Friends of Island Academy is a development center designed to ease the transition for recently incarcerated youth back into the community, offering education, social support, and employment opportunities.

Getting Out & Staying Out seeks to reduce recidivism for young men by coaching them on how to receive an education and employment after incarceration.

After School Programs

Inwood House provides school-based mental health models of sexual education and counseling, emphasizing teen pregnancy and disease prevention.

Phipps NY provides educational and recreational programs for all ages, from pre-school early education to adult literacy programs.

Vocational Training Programs

Year Up NYC provides young adults ages 18-24 the opportunity to participate in a one-year intensive education and internship program, in preparation for future employment and education.

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