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Project STAY's mission is to provide a medical "home" for youth at-risk for or living with HIV/AIDS.

Project STAY accomplishes this through an integrated approach involving two related programs. The Mobile Health Team provides health education, counseling, screening and testing services to young people in community settings, such as schools, juvenile justice programs, and youth-serving agencies. Those screened in community settings are encouraged to obtain follow-up primary care and mental health services at our youth-friendly adolescent continuity clinics. As a New York State AIDS Institute designated Specialized Care Center, Project STAY also provides comprehensive medical, psychosocial, and case management services to adolescents and young adults living with HIV/AIDS.

Service Delivery Model

Adolescents and young adults, especially those at risk for or living with HIV, need a place where they feel understood and supported. Project STAY is staffed by highly experienced and specially trained health care professionals who are skilled and passionate about delivering culturally sensitive and age-appropriate services to adolescents and young adults of varying backgrounds. Our interdisciplinary staff members utilize an integrated team approach to deliver individually tailored and holistic services. We thoroughly assess each client in order to develop strategies to reinforce areas of strength and reduce health-compromising behaviors.

Consistent with New York state law, clients can access our services without parental consent, although family participation in the care process is encouraged. To avoid stigmatization, Project STAY's counseling, testing, and treatment services are located within community ambulatory care clinics that deliver a wide variety of primary care and family planning services to both young men and women, regardless of HIV status. Clients are treated equally with dignity, courtesy and confidentiality, regardless of ability to pay.

Based in Harlem and Washington Heights, Project STAY welcomes clients from all five boroughs, as well as the greater New York metropolitan area. Project STAY also advances service innovations through community partnerships, teaching and advocacy.

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