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Our History

Since 1991, Project STAY has provided comprehensive medical and psychosocial services to New York City adolescents and young adults living with HIV. As the number of behaviorally infected youth grew, the need to develop a separate center focused on adolescents and young adults became clear.

Young people ages 13 to 24, especially ethnic and racial minorities, are the fastest growing population infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States and worldwide. Further, a disproportionate number do not know they are infected with HIV. Social and behavioral issues in this age group often make it difficult to prevent and control the increasing incidence of HIV infection, and psychosocial barriers present difficulties linking them to care within a year of diagnosis.

The number of HIV-positive clients who receive their routine care at Project STAY has increased significantly over the past several years. For example, in 2004, Project STAY had 42 active clients; in 2009, it had 86.

  • Gender: Current clients are 56% male, 41% female, and 3% male-to-female transgender
  • Race: In terms of race/ethnicity, over 95% are Black and/or Hispanic
  • Mode of Transmission: 79% were behaviorally infected, 18% were perinatally infected, and 3% were indeterminately infected
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